Classic TV: The Tonight Show/Johnny Carson, Sept. 6, 1973

ONE OF THE THINGS I LOVE about the old Tonight Show episodes is that Johnny would have guests on seemingly because he wanted them – not only because they were plugging a new movie, TV show, etc.

This episode from September 6, 1973 has enough guests for three episodes, let alone one: Glen Campbell, Dom DeLuise, Don Rickles, and journalist/author Jimmy Breslin. Rickles indeed had something to plug – a TV special with Don Adams (the outtakes Johnny shows look hysterical), as did DeLuise. Regardless, when Johnny was really interested he got great stories out of his guests – love Campell’s story about Frank Sinatra. ┬áDeLuise and Rickles are hysterical, of course, and right around 35:00 it all gets unhinged, thanks to Rickles, of course.

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