“I’ve Run Out of Things To Say”

I CAN’T STOP LISTENING TO THIS SONG! Is this power pop? YES! The melody is infectious, in a lilting, melancholy sort of way.  The lyrics…wow. Have we all been there, at some point?

This is one of those songs that should be HUGE!  I envision hearing this song in an indie film – or a Judd Apatow movie or series, like the brilliant Love on Netflix – where the couple is having troubles, they’re are at an impasse.  He’s said all that he can say to try to win her back, the end is near.  It’s a rainy day, he’s walking along, or staring out a window, and those lyrics, and the chorus comes in:  “You hit the bottom, I hit the below…I don’t think I can live with the stupid things I did…you’ve taken everything…I’ve run out of things to say…”  And “I know where you live and I don’t know where to find you…”


Here’s to a music supervisor in Hollywood hearing this song someday, and has the same vision…

There will always be a place in my heart for The Churchills, a great power-pop band from the metro NYC/NJ area. I worked with them back in the early, halcyon days of Rocket Science. Couldn’t get a bunch of nicer guys – bands like The Churchills I would have walked through walls for – and tried to – to get them the success they deserved.

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