More Random Thoughts

If I owned a Chinese restaurant I’d insist the fortunes in my fortune cookies contain jokes and inspirational quotes. And quotes from movies. And not include lucky numbers.

Once & Future Goal: For the first person you think of in the morning to also be the last person you think of at night; for that person to think about you at those same times.

Ongoing Goal: For the person who doesn’t think of you first in the morning or last at night to not be the person you’re thinking of at those times.

My all-time favorite band of all time, Cheap Trick, was a guest on the Eddie Trunk podcast recently. A fun interview about the new album, We’re All Alright, their summer tour, a Christmas album and more.

Steve Kerr, the coach of the NBA Champion Golden State Warriors, was asked what one of his core values is, in relation to his coaching philosophy.  His response: “joy.” That’s a great core value for life, too.

The more things change, the more the goals remain the same.

You don’t have to dig too deep to find that Henry Rollins and David Lee Roth have a lot in common and a similar, admirable outlook on life.

Regret provides an inexhaustible fuel for guilt.

I’ll never not be awed, and never not miss, New England’s topography.

In terms of new store openings each year I wouldn’t be surprised if Goodwill is expanding faster than most retailers.

I can hear a song 100 times and sometimes the lyrics won’t hit me at all. And then…

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