Random Thoughts

The mafia would have done a lot better had they got into merchandising. T-shirts, posters, branded overcoats, etc.

I’m in a lack-of-grace period.

Oh, for the number of times I have had to say to a woman I’ve just met, “my eyes are up here, lady.”

Truth-in-advertising laws should apply to online dating apps & websites.

I’ve spent years doing the research and no fountain Coca-Cola tastes better than McDonald’s. Actually, only one ever did, and that was in the 70’s at my Uncle Miltie’s store in Riverhead, NY, Tepper’s.

I’ve come to accept that no matter my age, I’m still going to do some stupid shit.

When it come to music and movies, once you get close to 40, there’s no such thing as guilty pleasures.

At 49, my libido is the same as it was 25 years ago. When you’re not in a relationship the desire to deal with the bullshit to placate the libido is what’s diminished.

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