Latest Favorite Podcasts

SOME OF MY FAVORITE PODCASTS have had some great episodes lately…

Actor and Comedian Jay Mohr gets deep and emotional with Roger Clinton, brother of President Bill Clinton, on Mohr’s Stories. Mohr always wears his heart on his sleeve – especially since announcing his divorce – and gets a lot out of his guests, especially in this episode.

Dumb People Town with the Sklar Brothers and Daniel Van Kirk gets funnier every week. This week’s episode they riff on more dumb people doing dumb things, with comedian and actor Kamail Nanjiani, wtiter and star of the buzz-worthy movie The Big Sick

Writer and comedian David Feldman has Marc Maron on, among other guests. Only drawback to the David Feldman Show is that every episode is a marathon, most are over two hours long, with multiple guests.

Gilbert Gottfried’s Amazing Colossal Podcast has Bobcat Goldthwait on, discussing his transition from performing to directing, his love of making audiences feel “awkward,” and his decades-long friendship with Robin Williams.


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