Gratitude Reminder

ON THE CONTINUOUS, OFTEN CIRCUITOUS, self-improvement path comes the reminder to remember all the things I have to be grateful for. Like a lot of people, I can easily get caught up in thinking about what’s missing, vs. all that I have.

I once had a highly-trained self-help professional tell me a good exercise is to write down every night at bedtime three things I’m thankful for. Alas, like a lot of things I mean to do more of, I have’t been that good at regularly practicing that habit (note to self: lets really try and do this again. Its easy; I always have a pen and notepad on the nightstand). But I do try and regularly remind myself of those things I’m thankful for. Particularly during those somewhat regular bouts of melancholy & sadness, thinking about what and who I miss, what’s missing in my life, etc.

So, with all that said, no better time to put that into practice right now.  I’ve got a lot to be grateful for and of…

My son, good health, a good job, family, friends, my cat, curiosity, music, my all-time favorite band of all-time, stand-up comedy, a fun car, my house, quality of life, running, a decent intellect, laughter, perseverance, great podcasts, movies, biking, insurance, summer weather, sleep, a nice pen, satellite radio, quality TV programming, water, air conditioning, sunshine, the bus, my gym, sarcasm, good running shoes, hobbies,

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