More Pirates of the Caribbean Movies?

GUESS THERE WILL BE STILL MORE PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN MOVIES, as Johnny Depp, one of the highest paid actors in the world, is broke, and is now suing his former managers.  Apparently, the guy’s spending is outrageous:

“…14 residences, including the château in France and a four-island chain in the Bahamas. There were also a 156-foot cash-guzzling yacht and 12 Los Angeles storage facilities full of memorabilia, including 70 collectible guitars, plus major artwork by Klimt, Modigliani, and Basquiat, among others. Forty full-time employees cost Depp $300,000 a month, they claimed — although Waldman says there are only 15 employees, some of them consultants. Round-the-clock security for himself, his two children, and various family members costs $150,000 a month more. In addition to the $10 million supporting friends and family, he spent $30,000 a month on wine “flown to him around the world,” the lawsuit alleges, and $5 million for a blowout memorial service for the late gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson, including blasting his ashes from a 153-foot custom-built cannon at Thompson’s home in Aspen.”

Depp likes to buy islands?  Has FORTY full-time employees? You’d think a guy would be able to make-do with just 10 employees. I’ll give him a pass on the collectible guitars, however. Those an obscenely rich guitar player can’t do without.

Looks like there will be still more Pirates movies. Maybe Depp goes the Nicholas Cage route and does 10 movies a year to get out of the financial hole he’s in (have you ever seen a Redbox machine that didn’t have a new Cage movie in it?).


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