“Louie” and Life Imitating Art

SOME OF MY FAVORITE TV SHOWS AND MOVIES challenge me and make me uncomfortable – and I like that. Some shows can make you look at your own life, or remind you of things that are current in your life, or have been, reminiscent of a lot of people and situations. There’s been several reminders courtesy of Louis CK’s show, Louie thanks to binge-watching it the last two weeks (I watched the first two seasons pretty religiously then just got behind and I long-wanted to get caught up).   

Damn if Louis CK’s amazing show “Louie” nails it in it’s accuracy and how close his character and several story arcs are to things in my own life.  From the stand-up comedy (a long-time fantasy and love) to the loneliness and struggles of being a divorced, single-but-trying-not-to-be dad (a decade of fantasy, love and frustration), sometimes I watch the show and its like looking into the mirror. I’m not projecting, its really being objective, especially when a particular episode is so timely – and accurate to what is going on in my life.

That happened with episode 10 in season 4.  Briefly, Louie is in love and she leaves, and Charles Grodin, playing the philosophical and deadpan Dr. Bigelow gives some fantastic advice:

Just PERFECT. “Misery is wasted on the miserable” – that’s just awesome, right?  Grodin tells Louie that missing someone because they are gone is actually love – everything else isn’t.  The pain and misery is actually the good part – that the bad part is when you forget that person, when you don’t care and don’t care about anything, advising Louie to “…enjoy the heartbreak while you can…what I would give to have that feeling again.”

Today, I love THIS.

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