On This Day in 1979 – KISS Release “Dynasty”

ON MAY 23, 1979, Dynasty, the¬†seventh studio album from KISS was released. Much- maligned, but ultimately really cool, Dynasty had a more commercial and polished, less-edgier sound than any previous KISS album. That was immediately apparent with the first single, the disco-infused “I Was Made For Loving You” (co-written by Paul Stanley, who, after spending time at Studio 54 at the height of the disco era was influenced enough to write a dance song at 126 beats per minute).

Their motives for even bigger, commercial heights not withstanding, Dynasty is a really good KISS album – albeit definitely different and not as good as the early stuff – and for me, there’s one song from it that stands above all others on the album, Paul’s “Sure Know Something”. ¬†From the first time I heard it I loved the groove and the hook. For KISS, it’s got some emotion to it – I know how that sounds…

If you heard it for the very first time, and didn’t know it was KISS, would you love it?

For a great-sounding different version, check out their MTV Unplugged performance of it:

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