Why Write? A History of this Blog


I originally started my blog Weapon of Self-Distraction back in 2012, ostensibly to learn Word Press, but in truth, I always have liked to write. I’ve always wanted to be a reporter, or a columnist of some sort and my blog is a bit of a manifestation of that. I can weigh in with information or opinions on the things that distract me, those things that I enjoy consuming, things that I do and see and since I’ve always enjoyed writing, why not start a blog? For three-plus years, this was kind of an after-thought, I’d blog in spurts, mostly about music and my “all-time favorite band of all-time” until last year. That’s when a pretty traumatic break-up happened and the blog later became a forum for me to try and figure things out about her, myself and relationships on general. All three fit under the banner of distractions, to say the least.

As it says in the “ABOUT WSD” page:

Established in 2012, originally as a way to learn Word Press, coupled with needing a new hobby, WSD is an ever-growing repository of various fun, compelling and interesting distractions. Music, movies, books and various pop culture miscellany mingle with random thoughts about life, relationships, various bullshit, bon mots and various opinions (except for politics — there’s far too many blogs discussing that).

I’m interested in so many different things, and get distracted by those things easily, hence the name of the blog. Actually, that’s one of the reasons why I started it the blog — writing is a great, enjoyable distraction, another way to enjoy all the things that I enjoy — all those things I get distracted by.

From there, with the blog being essentially me talking, why not start a podcast and actually put a voice to the writing? Plus, I also always have wanted to be a broadcaster, a radio morning show host, or a talk show host. So, the Weapon of Self-Distraction Podcast was (finally) born. Again, it was born out of wanting to learn about the medium, and I’m hooked on so many podcasts anyway. Ten episodes and a fun co-host later, we’ve built a little audience and it’s another great way to be creative.

Make no mistake, I’m not under not under any illusions that most people won’t think that the blog and the podcast is lame and/or simply an exercise in vanity mixed with a little narcissism. So be it. In a perfect world, would the blog and podcast have a big audience and perhaps make some money? Of course. That’s not why I do this, nor the goal. Ultimately, for me, even what’s essentially a is the best distraction I can have: creating and building something, learning how things work, seeing what it might become and working towards that.

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