Goats of Anarchy

HAVE YOU SEEN OR HEARD of GOATS OF ANARCHY? Leanne Lauricella and her amazing and downright adorable rescue goats is a heart-warming and fast-growing story – nearly 400,000 people follow her at Instagram (@GoatsOfAnarchy) and her first book, GOATS OF ANARCHY: ONE WOMAN’S QUEST TO SAVE THE WORLD ONE GOAT AT A TIME comes out March 15.

Learn more (and see the most adorable goat photos) at People.com:

In 2014, Leanne Lauricella followed her dreams.

Look for more on Leanne and Goats of Anarchy coming soon to this blog…

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One comment

  1. I just saw your video of the little blind goat that loved costumes. There is a wrap made for dogs with anxiety that does the same thing. Gives them that warm, safe, snuggly feeling. I can’t remember the name of it right now but you can google it or maybe even Pinterest.


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