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Various flotsam & jetsam rolling around inside my head…

WHY do women remove their eyebrows, only to paint/draw/tattoo arcing facsimiles 2″ above where their eyebrows used to be?

I WANT TO LEARN how to drive a transit bus and a tractor-trailer truck some day.

OUR FAVORITE artists are going to die some day. Given the age of many favorite musical artists and the unbelievably great times they had for a huge portion of their adult lives, statistically, many will die in the same periods of time.

CONSIDERING THE LAST OBSERVATION, now is the time to pay attention to greatness, especially in sports. Things change and end so quickly; that’s why I follow Venus Williams, Roger Federer, LeBron James, and especially right now and the last few years, Tom Brady. I’ll watch every minute of the Super Bowl this Sunday, because Brady, like the folks I listed, are playing at unbelievable levels of excellence considering their ages. I never root against that when it comes to veteran athletes. I want to see sheer, better-than-the-best-performances that have been hallmarks of their careers, for as long as possible. Defy conventional wisdom and the critics with great performance.

I CAN’T IMAGINE me ever wanting a driverless car. I love cars, and love to drive, too much. I also can’t imagine driverless car technology advancing so much where it can negate the seemingly infinite ways people can do stupid things while operating and riding in automobiles.

I NEED TO SEE MORE LIVE MUSIC this year. Last year I saw more stand-up comedians than I saw bands performing live on stage. Side note: I will see Cheap Trick in Waukegan, IL on March 11.

STILL NOT A FAN OF HOCKEY. I’ve tried for decades, can’t get there. Though seeing an NHL game live can be very exciting.

IT DOESN’T MATTER how long it had been or when it happened, but finding out someone you loved lied to you sucks. I did the same some time ago, but empathy and guilt kept me naive that she could’ve lied to me, before I ever did, too, and worse. Related: being accused of things and being a certain way is often due to the accuser doimg and being the same.

SOME JAMS NEVER GET OLD: “Take Your Time (Do It Right)” by the S.O.S. Band and “Jungle Boogie” by Kool & The Gang are two perfect examples of that.

I’VE NEVER BEEN a huge fan of lingerie. I get the sexiness to it, the change of pace it can bring to the boudoir and how women might enjoy wearing it. For me though, it’s no substitute for what it’s covering.

DAVID LEE ROTH’S second solo album Skyscraper came out 30 years ago last week. I still love it and it still sounds great. “Just like any bowl of cherries when the cream is risin’ to the top/You find your real bottom line is when your spine snap crackles and pops, pal!” – from “Hot Dog & A Shake.”  Nope, it’s not “Blowing In The Wind” but I don’t care.

ANOTHER FAVORITE PODCAST: Dumb People Town: an exploration/celebration of dumb people doing dumb things (often in Florida). With Daniel Van Kirk, Randy Sklar, and Jason Sklar.


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