Zero Interest in the BCS

I JUST DON’T CARE about college football, or the Bowl Championship Series. In fact, I haven’t in decades. As a kid, I tried to be passionate about college football and some schools – USC, Ohio State, to name two that come to mind – but I always preferred the NFL.

I don’t care about the Rose Bowl, the Chick-Fil-A-Bowl, the Smoke If You Got ‘Em Bowl, the Bowl Bowl, the Dollar General Bowl, the Bowl-O-Rama Bowl, or the Network TV Bowl. There’s over 50 bowl games, if I recall, and

I couldn’t care less for Nick Saban, whoever he’s coaching against in whatever Bowl game. I don’t care about Alabama vs. Clemson, or about any storylines around the game, I can’t even recall the name of the Bowl game. I know it was played last night and as of this moment, I don’t know who won. And wasn’t the final college bowl game traditionally played on New Year’s Day?

I do care about the NCAA, and that student athletes should be compensated somehow, considering the hundreds of millions the schools make thanks to their efforts. I do care that such a disproportionate share of dollars go to football programs, while tuitions rise like crazy, and more students than ever before are saddled with shit tons of debt.

I have to note though, that I’m not anti-sports, or anti-sports. I’m pro-pro sports, as a matter of fact, and believe professional athletes should make as much money as the possibly can. I love pro basketball and pro football; I’m an NFL history buff, especially. For the fact for the first time in a very long time I’m really excited about the Dallas Cowboys and am trying not to have too many Super Bowl dreams.

I didn’t go to a big college, our football team was Division II, if I recall. I totally understand and love the passion college football fans have – seeing a big-time college football game does look like a hell of a lot of fun. Overall though, as far as an enjoyable distraction for my limited and over-taxed attention span… football…if I want to see football games and teams that make tons of money, I’ll stick with the NFL.

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