WSD Stats, 2016

THIS BLOG STARTED IN 2012 as an exercise to learn WordPress as well as to pontificate on whatever distracts me. I dabbled in it, often forgot about it for weeks at a time, and generally didn’t make writing here a nearly-daily pursuit until 2016. March, to be precise, when my then-fiancee performed a metaphorical version of open-heart surgery and became my ex-fiancee. So, with a lot more time on my hands and a lot more to say (along with, in March/April, a ridiculous and embarrassing penchant to believe that what I wrote here would a.) be seen by her and b.) make any difference at all) I started posting a lot more, about…a lot more (257 posts in 2016, vs. 16 posts in 2015).

2016 is when the blog became more of it’s namesake – a distraction, namely, as well as well as cathartic, often, but for the most part, a fun hobby.  All the while, learning a lot and…building some traffic.  Without further ado, here’s what views and viewers at Weapon of Self-Distraction looked like for 2016:

Total Visitors, 2016:  9,224   Total Views: 11,496 (2015: 473 visitors, 623 total views)

Top 10 Posts for 2016:

  1. Dream Police Released 37 Years Ago Today: 7,596 views
  2. Home Page/Archives: 1,296 views
  3. Woman found happiness by quitting the grind…Goats of Anarchy: 313 views
  4.  The Manual Transmission Is Dying And It’s All Our Fault: 153 views
  5. A Story About Scientology…and a Movie: 134 views
  6. 21 Keys To A Happy Relationship: 88 views
  7. Trackback link via Poblerd blog to WSD: 84 views
  8. Enter to Win the New Book on The New Barbarians: 71 views
  9. About WSD: 58
  10. Song Spotlight: “Feliz Navidad” by The Mavericks

Of course, that #1 slot was fully due to Cheap Trick sharing my blog post at their Facebook page. That said, that’s one of the ways you grow your traffic – get folks with much bigger followings to share your content!

Visitors By Country:

United States   9359
Canada 492
Japan 293
United Kingdom 262
Australia 206
Brazil 104
Germany 102
Netherlands 51
France 44
Sweden 44
Spain 43
New Zealand 37
Portugal 36
Mexico 36
Italy 34
Norway 33
Belgium 23
Ireland 23
Philippines 22
Argentina 20
Finland 18
Chile 11
Russia 10
Colombia 10
Denmark 8
Austria 7
Puerto Rico 7
Ecuador 7
Thailand 6
Israel 6
Indonesia 6
Switzerland 6
Greece 6
South Korea 6
Poland 5
Kuwait 5
Taiwan 5
Ukraine 5
India 5
Hungary 5
Singapore 5
Venezuela 5
Czech Republic 4
Qatar 4
Kenya 4
Peru 4
Iceland 4
Guatemala 3
Lithuania 3
United Arab Emirates 3
Turkey 3
Dominican Republic 3
Vietnam 3
Malaysia, Serbia, Laos, Jersey, Slovakia, Guernsey, Uruguay, Bulgaria, Romania, Croatia: 2 visits each
Malta, Luxemborg, Estonia, European Union, Anguilla, Bolivia, Saudi Arabia, Cambodia, Panama, Hong Kong SAR China, Costa Rica, Pakistan, French Guiana, Slovenia, Honduras, Sri Lanka, Brunei, Bosnia Herzegovina, Palestinian Territories:  1  visit each

Not that I sweat the stats that much…but here’s to a bigger 2017!

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