Things I Like…

AS LOVE LISTS and I love to write, and since a goal for 2017 is to stay happy, present and focused, here’s a quick list of things I’m digging at this moment:

  • The TBS shows People of Earth and The Detour
  • Taking the bus to work most days, especially when it’s -10 out
  • Conversely, I love driving my 2001 VW GTI. Fast, fun, and reliable…considering the drama buying it caused, it’s been a great car.
  • Greg Proop’s podcast The Smartest Man In the Room. Proops is a whip-smart comedian – and to record every episode of your podcast live in front of a comedy club audience, you have to be.
  • The Dallas Cowboys finished the regular season 13-3. I can’t believe it either.
  • My job and being really busy
  • The new pair of jeans I got two weeks ago
  • Seeing results from working out so much. I swear I have not had a bad workout since…last March…

#present #goals

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