Goals For This Year, Part 1

Formerly titled “Things to Remember This Year”)

  • Choose to be happy
  • Put away the past, pay more attention to the present – every waking hour, every day
  • Become a better, more patient dad
  • Listen more
  • Replace fear with curiosity
  • Empathize more
  • Read something helpful and worthwhile every day
  • Have fun
  • Don’t procrastinate, especially on getting the big things done
  • Embrace being alone – especially at home
  • Remember that being alone doesn’t = loneliness
  • Keep at hobbies – this blog, the podcast, home improvement projects
  • Stay creative, explore ideas
  • Take some chances
  • Use the phone, reach out to family and friends more…keep in touch
  • Drop another 10 lbs, add muscle & definition, workout more, challenge and surprise the body
  • Go to heat/fusion yoga at least 2X a month
  • Eat better.
  • Run the Twin Cities Marathon
  • Challenge myself – try and do new things, such as Toastmasters

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