12 Words Sum Up 2016

I can say the above with a lot of certainty.  Why? Because of a lot of changes that took place this year necessitated in me. If a lot of major changes in your life doesn’t change who you are, especially if a lot of those changes were due to who you were, that’s a shame.

This time last year vs. now, virtually every facet of my life and lifestyle has changed to some degree, some things much bigger than others. Emotionally, physically, financially, romantically, professionally, and it all led me to really being a different person and doing things differently, and for the better. None of the changes I would have even guessed or expected if asked last year – and many were unwanted, let alone unexpected! It’s easy to say that change is constant (and it is!) but I can only think of one other year as an adult (2005, to be exact), where so many things in my life changed – but the difference is that, back then, I didn’t really change. Not how I did things, or reacted to things,  esoecially.

I can’t say this about most years as adult but glad I can now.



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