Bon Mots & Bullshit, Friday, 11/18

THE BEST PODCAST EPISODE I heard this week is Glibert Gottfried’s Amazing Colossal Podcast with John Amos as the guest. If you’re over the age of, say, 45, you know AmosĀ as James from the 70’s TV show Good Times (my favorite character from the show; yet another strong father-figure I gravitated to…hmmmm). I had no idea, however, he’s so versatile an actor and has done so much, until I listened to the podcast. I also forgot he was awesome as Gordie Howard on one of the greatest sitcoms ever, Mary Tyler Moore. Side note: I’m still not sure what that lyric is in the Good Times theme song.

I LOVE LISTS because I think in a linear fashion. Besides that, here’s a post with a link to another enlightening list about relationships.

ONE OF THE BEST CHRISTMAS GIFTS I EVER GOT was satellite radio, back in 2006. Hearing “Salvation” by Little Steven & The Disciples this morning is yet more evidence of why that’s so.

THIS COULD GET UGLY: I have not bought a Diet Coke since Tuesday. Quitting pop/soda is my equivalent of quitting smoking. I can empathize.

NO MOVEMBER FUN this year (though I do plan on being part of Backhairuary next year), but the semi-annual goatee experiment is in progress. Much whiter than two years ago (sigh). I might be in the best shape of my life, but my enlarging forehead and graying marches on…

ONE OF MY FAVORITE RECENT COMEDY PIECES was touted by Patton Oswalt on Facebook last night: the brilliant Gary Gulman telling his epic tale of how the postal serviceĀ first abbreviated states. You have to watch this!

I LOVED SEEING METALLICA on Jimmy Fallon this week! The classroom instruments performances never get old for me. I also love the irony of the band putting their entire new album up on You Tube for free.



MY FAVORITE HOLIDAY occurs next week. ‘Tis the season for happiness, stress, bittersweetness, making memories, and much more.

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