7 Qualities of a Conscious, Loving Relationship

Better now, than never.

7 Qualities of a Conscious, Loving Relationship

I think in a linear fashion; that’s one reason why lists and instructions appeal to me so much. I bet that’s the same for a lot of people – hence, the popularity of “listicles” at the interwebs.

When I find and read things like this I try not to fall into the trap of thinking what was missing in previous relationships, even if, while reading, those things jump right off the page. I try not to think about what could have been had I known, etc. Rather, better to stay in the present, putting knowledge to use now, moving forward.

Nothing here is new to me; I read a lot of self-help stuff and each of these qualities I’ve seen in various books and websites. I’ve never seen it all in a list, as part of a bigger message/theme – it makes a difference for me in digesting and learning these sorts of things and having something to go back to (side note: repetition is important).

While I mentioned above that I try not to look at these and lament the past, I do think about why these qualities were very often missing, and what happened. More importantly though, I think about why they aren’t now, and what to do to make sure each of these qualities stay.

7 Qualities of a Conscious, Loving Relationship, comes via a great website worth checking out, Marc and Angel Hack Life.


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