Favorite Podcast: Recent Maron WTF Episode Is Fantastic

THE NEWEST EPISODE of Marc Maron’s WTF podcast is worth a listen. The guest, Shep Gordon, is a fascinating guy, one of the most interesting people in show business. He’s managed Alice Cooper for nearly 50 years, managed celebrity chefs, been involved in movies and much more. A great interview (check out his new book Super Mensch: A Backstage Pass and definitely see the documentary of his life, Super Mensch).

If you’re not interested in the interview, Maron’s opener is worth a listen. Discussing the election, he goes into a deeper rant about what we’re missing in society, and what we should be doing. Quotes:

“…fucking talk to people, talk to people in depth, feel out where their pain is at…feel out where you have common ground….now were floating in our own little narciissism pods that we communicate from…these fucking phones…are an illusion of human connection. You can’t just tweet at them, like what they posted. Everything I assumed about anybody that ever sat in front of me was wrong because it was limited by whatever input I decided to focus on to define them”


Episode 758 – Shep Gordon by WTF with Marc Maron Podcast:
https://player.fm/1hJmZu #nowplaying

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