Bon Mots & Bullshit: Friday, 11/11

A NEW EPISODE of the WSD podcast is available now. Next Tuesday will be the first episode with an awesome co-host.

THE FIRST :30 OF “BACK IN THE SADDLE” still makes my heart race. FACT: If it’s the last thing you hear in your car before going into the gym you’re guaranteed to crush your workout.

EVERY WEEK GETS BETTER, and things will get better. Because there’s only so much that you can control when it comes to your own happiness.

I PICKED THE WRONG WEEKto stop sniffing glue

THE LAST DATE on the last U.S. tour Black Sabbath will undertake is tomorrow night in San Antonio, TX. In related news, you can enter to win a big, new illustrated history of Black Sabbath at Goodreads

‘TIS THE SEASON for the semi-annual experiment with facial hair.

JUST FINISHED TRANSPARENT and Jeffrey Tambor deserves every award and accolade he gets. Amazing. And Joshie drives me crazy…he’s his own worst enemy so often. Is it life imitates art or the other way around? That’s part of the reason why we drive me crazy. I love the show, but it could easily have been titled “Selfish and Self-Absorbed.”

WHOA, HO, HO, IT’S MAGIC: If you don’t think this song is one of the greatest pop-rock songs from the 70’s we can’t be friends.

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