Shooter Jennings Readies ‘Black Ribbons’ for Election Day Re-Release – Rolling Stone

A blast from the past here, as my old company Rocket Science originally released this in 2010!  Black Ribbons is a concept album about a runaway and controlling government where free speech and music is outlawed. The only independent voice broadasting is a rogue DJ – voiced by Stephen King – who speaks truth to power and spins songs by Jennings’ band Hierophant.

Shooter was ahead of his time with this album and it definitely had some people scratching their heads – it definitely veered away from the country-rock he was known for. Then again, you never good pin Shooter down in one genre, which is one of the reasons why I’m a big fan of his.

I remember meeting with Shooter in L.A. and was thrilled because I was already a fan of his and was prepared to love whatever he was up to – even if the idea of a sprawling concept album that a lot of his fans wouldn’t “get” made us scratch our heads. Shooter was unbelievably passionate about his music and where he wanted to go with it. Our art director put together an amazing package – similar to what you see below; the reissue has updated cover art.

While it wasn’t a big seller for us, and we did have some difficulty marketing it (the music press definitely didn’t get it), the music is great and its come to have a life like a cult film. One song, “All of This Could Have Been Yours” was featured in an episode of Sons of Anarchy, People who found it and heard it thru the years helped spread the word, and its befitting and perfectly timed that it gets a re-release today, on Election Day.

More: Shooter Jennings Readies ‘Black Ribbons’ for Election Day Re-Release – Rolling Stone



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