Friday Bon Mots & Bullshit, 10/28

FRIDAY, finally…

YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE A BASEBALL FAN to appreciate the excitement around the Chicago Cubs and the Cleveland Indians playing in the World Series. The Indians have not won the World Series since 1948 – 68 years! That’s a long drought without a championship (and thanks to the Cleveland Cavaliers winning the NBA title, championship futility in Cleveland ended) but the Cubs have gone 108 years without winning the World Series. Put another way, it’s highly likely there’s nobody alive who remembers the Cubs being champions.

CAN YOU CHOOSE TO BE HAPPY? Yes, you can. You have to choose it every day. I battle sadness at some point virtually every day that ends in “y”, and when that hits and there might not be something at that moment to look forward to, you have to choose to be happy. To think ahead, and/or think it through and simply make a choice to be happy. It’s not as easy as it sounds, but it’s not that hard, either. Like almost everything you do in life, to get better at something, its the repetitions that make the difference. Just do it, as the slogan says…even if you fail often.

THE LATEST TV SHOW that I’ve gone overboard without a life raft for Transparent on Amazon. My amazing girlfriend got me into this, and its the rare show where almost every episode makes me laugh, yell with anger, damn near cry and cringe. It’s worth the hype and the awards. Another mark of a great show is when you can relate to one of their characters. Josh, played by Jay Duplass, is that character for me (no, I wasn’t molested by my baby-sitter

I LOVE ROCK DOCUMENTARIES and the Oasis doc, Supersonic, looks like it won’t disappoint. It’s in theaters now – just opened Wednesday and out for only a week – I haven’t seen any news or info on when it will be released digitally, but I hope it’s soon. The story of their great music, how huge they got (especially overseas), and that brothers Liam and Noel Gallagher have such a dysfunctional relationship (they make Ray & Dave Davies seem close, by comparison) is worth telling – even though the doc. doesn’t go beyond 1996. The story of the documentary itself is interesting, too.

I’VE BEEN TOLD by friends, family and professionals that I’m really good at beating the shit out of myself. No matter how much I’ve been ground down by circumstances or other people, no one has ever been as hard on me as am on myself. Though why that’s the case is worth a longer examination, here’s why beating yourself up is a waste of time.

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GOODBYE VINE, as Twitter will be discontinuing the app. The internet will be a much sadder place.

THIS DAY IN HISTORY in 1886 the Statue of Liberty was dedicated. In 1965 the Gateway Arch in St. Louis was finished. The Cuban Missile Crisis in came to an end on this day in 1962. Julia Roberts was born on this day in 1967.

AND THEN, this happened. A topless selfie seemed like a good idea at the time.

THERE’S A BIG NEW BOOK ON BLACK SABBATH that just came out, and it is awesome! Full-disclosure: I do the marketing & publicity for the title, which is one reason for writing about it. The other reason is because it IS awesome. THE COMPLETE HISTORY OF BLACK SABBATH: WHAT EVIL LURKS, is a veritable encyclopedia of the band’s long career. Every era of the band is covered: Ozzy, of course, and Ronnie James Dio; the various incarnations without either lead singer (Glenn Hughes or Ian Gillan, anyone?); tons of great photos, and a cool, fold-out centerfold Black Sabbath family tree. Click the book cover below to learn more and buy it.


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