“Supersonic” – the Oasis Documentary

From Rolling Stone..

If any rock & roll saga merits a super-sized Behind the Music treatment, it’s the Oasis story. And that’s pretty much what we get in Supersonic, a new two-hour documentary on the wild ride of Noel and Liam Gallagher and their early bandmates during Oasis’ peak years. (The movie ends in 1996 and cries out for a sequel that delves into the band’s later output and their 2009 dissolution.)Supersonic will open in theaters for a limited run starting Wednesday.

I LOVE OASIS. From the very first note I heard and I heard their music early, having worked for Sony Music when their first album came out. I fell in love with their debut album Definitely Maybe the second I heard it and What’s The Story Morning Glory? remains an all-time favorite (still love the title track). I saw their first Minneapolis gig at the old Uptown Bar; if I recall the Gallagher brothers weren’t too happy being in the U.S. playing half-filled small clubs while their album was blowing up back in the UK.  It was one of THE loudest shows I ever heard.

Besides the music, I loved their “fuck-all” attitude. They were one of the few bands who’s music backed up their attitude of “we’re great, we’re huge, fuck you if you don’t like us.” They pissed people off, which is not a bad thing it helped get them noticed at a time when virtually every band from the UK was supposed to be the next big thing. Ultimately, the band was huge here and everywhere. Even people who wanted to hate them had to admit they loved the music – though they would add the caveat that “they suck live.” I loved hearing people complain about their live show – “Liam just stands there, he hardly even moves.” EXACTLY, and that’s perfect – him looking/acting like he didn’t give a shit made it all the more visual, and put the focus on the music.  Because the music was so damn good.

“We’re the most arrogant fucking bastards.” – Liam Gallagher

Source: Oasis’ Wild New ‘Supersonic’ Doc: 10 Things We Learned – Rolling Stone


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