Bonmots & Bullshit, 10/21

FEAR, RESENTMENT & REVENGE can be great motivators.

MY SON & I made another appearance on the popular Kid Friday podcast. Check it out via iTunes, Player FM and Vimeo.

ITS A MYSTERY TO ME that I’ve never been picked for jury duty. I pay my taxes, vote, and more than happy to be on a jury! Seriously, the fact I’ve never been summoned really bugs me.

THE WALKING DEAD SEASON PREMIERE is this Sunday. #PSYCHED. Who got the barbed wire busiNess end of Negan’s baseball bat?

WE DIG ACTION FLICKS so my son and I enjoyed the new Jack Reacher movie. Predictable, yet fun though we thought the first one was better.

I WISH IT COULD BE SO EASY to just have no more fucks to give.

THE WORK IS NEVER DONE When it comes to self-improvement and learning. That’s an easy thing to forget. Its easy to fall into a “trap” of thinking, “I’ve done all this work on myself, and things are still this way…” or “The same thing happened to me  despite all the work I’ve done and things I thought I learned.”

The work we do on ourselves, the continuing pursuit of self-improvement, is never finished. Ultimately, that’s  a positive thing. Fortunately, I’ve always had a great work ethic.

SIX MONTHS? Six months.



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