Bonmots & Bullshit, 10/14

 WHEN VISITING THE GREAT WALL OF CHINA, do not autograph it. Seriously.



TWO OF THE FUNNIEST COMEDY ROUTINES are both from this guy. Pancakes on an airplane and getting down while going up.

THE BEST SOUL SONG I’ve heard in ages, and the best Black Sabbath cover I’ve ever heard, is right here.

NOW I KNOW – finally! – the difference between tonic water, mineral water and club soda. It’s about the additives.

MY SON AND I are really psyched to see Jack Reacher: Never Go Back  next week. Sure, it’s an action movie with Tom Cruise. What’s your point?

WE MADE LISTS, Part 2 should arrive next week. Part 1 was earlier this week.

HOPING TO HAVE episode 2 of the WSD podcast up over the weekend. Check the podcast tab for details.

A BIG FAVOR FORGOTTEN can end up biting you in the ass much later. Doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t do the same favor all over again, however.

THIS DAY IN HISTORY Chuck Yeager broke the sound barrier in 1947. Martin Luther King, Jr. won the Nobel Peace Prize. In 1994 one of my all-time favorite movies made it’s debut, Pulp Fiction. And Steve Bartman caught a foul ball in Wrigley Field in 2003.

THE KEY TO MINDFULNESS could be in having a better attenation span and keeping distractions at bay. No wonder striving for some peace can be such a struggle.




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