Great Podcast Episode: Mohr Stories 361 – Kevin Pollak on Player FM

HYPERBOLE ALERT: This episode of Jay Mohr’s Mohr Stories with comedian/actor Kevin Pollak is…funny, interesting and amazing aren’t enough adjectives. Talking about standup, acting, and how they come about nailing their impressions, interspersed with some great stories.

This might set the record for the most impersonations in a podcast. Throughout the podcast they did Martin Scorsese, Alan Arkin, Peter Falk, Martin Short, Al Pacino. Forrest Whitaker,  Buddy Hackett, Johnny Carson, Ed McMahon, Tracy Morgan, Harvey Keitel, Albert Brooks, Jack Nicholson, Liam Neeson, Joe Pesci, and I know I’m missing a few. And, of course, the two best impressions of Christopher Walken in the world are by Pollak and Mohr.

CHECK IT OUT HERE:  and at iTunes, Stitcher, etc.


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