In My Netflix Que: Luke Cage 

I WAS ALREADY INTERESTED in checking out the new Netflix series “Luke Cage” – after reading about it the last few days, and hearing that the premiere last night caused Netflix to crash for two hours – I really am now.

‘Luke Cage’ Is ‘Kick Ass, Wu-Tang Blackness With A Marvel Twist’ | Huffington Post – a series based on a comic character with strong social message? Yes, please:

The kind of television that Norman Lear was making in the ‘70s, whether it was ‘All in the Family’ or ‘The Jeffersons,’” they were comedies but they dealt with a lot of what was happening around the country with different attitudes and was very powerful with that,” he said. “We don’t lean away from being political. I embrace it, because this is what the show is for and this is what the country needs.”

This feature in Wired is worth reading: “Why Netflix’s Luke Cage is the Superhero We Really Need Now”


Above all else, the series, the writing the characters seem really COOL. Sold.

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