Howard Stern’s 50th Anniversary Tribute to “Revolver”

THIS LOOKS INTERESTING: Howard Stern today announced a 50th anniversary celebration of The Beatles’s album Revolver.   It will premiere next Friday, October 7.

I’m of course very excited that Cheap Trick recorded a take on “She Said She Said.”  No doubt like their other Beatles covers, this one will be stellar (for those who don’t know, Trick has performed the entire Sgt. Pepper’s album in in its entirety, premiering it at the Hollywood Bowl several years ago). Other artists include O.A.R. doing a version of “I Want To Tell You,”Madisen Ward And The Mama Bear covered “Yellow Submarine,” Jewel added “Eleanor Rigby,” Living Colour tackled “Tomorrow Never Knows,” Grace Potter sang “Good Day Sunshine” and James Taylor laid down “Here There & Everywhere.”

On a side note, probably the best collection of Beatles covers is the I Am Sam soundtrack.


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