Song Spotlight: “Sing My Blues Away” – Cheap Trick

From the latest Cheap Trick album, Bang Zoom Crazy Hello,  “Sing My Blues Away.” A near-perfecult slice of power pop from the band that practically defined the genre.

I call songs like this “effortless” because, if you like this kind of music, or have an affinity for pop and melody in general, you should dig this song on the very first listen. Plus, I imagine writing this song was effortless for Cheap Trick as well.

It’s immediately familiar: the guitar after the 4th verse, that building pre-chorus (which has a bigger hook than the actual, short chorus itself), the Beatle-esque backing vocals singing “come on” in that pre-chorus…it all grabs you on the first listen.

Plus, like so many CT songs, it’s an instant mood-enhancer. This song helped me get through a difficult Spring, helping me to “sing my blues away” – usually in my car, and loudly, I should add. I still turn to it when I get a bit o’ the blues.




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