VEEP and the Emmys

WELL DESERVED: The HBO series VEEP wins its second Emmy for Outstanding Comedy Series and Julia Louis-Dreyfus wins her fifth consecutive Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series. Like the best shows, it’s a team effort: all told, the cast and crew got 16 Emmy nominations.

It’s justa fantastic and hysterical show – I rank it as one of my top 5 TV comedies of all time. Wickedly witty and smart, it shines a harsh light on the insanity that is our political system and the massive egos involved, the selfishness and sacrifices of everyone; above all else, this show is funny.

It’s not just about Louis-Dreyfus – who is one of the best comic actresses ever – its about the supporting cast. Its filled with memorable, twisted and downright funny characters, just like the best sitcoms (Seinfeld, anyone?). Here’s a few outtakes from some of my favorite characters:

There’s Jonah, possibly the funniest and most annoying character on the show:

Press Secretary Mike McClintock – horrible at his job, but somehow indispensable:

Gary, the most-loyal and passionate member of the staff – he’s not just a “bag man”!

The most profane congressman ever, Roger Furlong:

Richard Splett, who’s like an over-eager, always ready to please St. Bernard

SO damn good. Looking forward to season 6!


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