Bonmots & Bullshit, 9/16

THE TONY KORNHEISER SHOW is back after it’s annual summer hiatus, this time as a podcast. No longer on the radio in D.C., it hasn’t changed a bit, with the same snarkiness, crankiness and regular guests that has been a weekday staple for me for over four years. Primarily about sports, though politics, pop culture, movies, and a lot more is bantered about every day. And during the NFL season there’s the weekly “Jaws vs. the Monkey”

THINK ABOUT IT: “People who are judgmental are often times simply subconsciously expressing their own insecurities.”

I BET A TRIPLE BILL featuring the Dead Daisies, Glenn Hughes and the Winery Dogs would do great business at small theaters and bigger clubs.

I CAN’T BELIEVE there’s still people that fall for telephone marketing campaigns, especially when it comes to credit cards and the like. Judging by the number of robo-calls I get, there are still enough people who are.

ONE OF THE MORE INTERESTING pieces I’ve read about the impact of rising sea levels is by…David Lee Roth. Seriously, check it out.

THIS DAY IN HISTORY: The U.S. imposes the military draft in 1940, William Durant created General Motors in 1908, the sitcom Fraiser debuted in 1993, and Sugar Ray Leonard knocked out Thomas Hearns in 1981 o unify the middleweight boxing title.


I’M LOOKING FORWARD to the new album from Doyle Bramhall II, out September 30th. Love the new single that just came out, “Mama Can’t Help You.”  Just a killer groove, smokey, soulful vocals, and great guitar playing, of course.


EVERY DAY I battle sadness. Sometimes its a tie, sometimes I win. I want to win every day.

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