Song Spotlight: Duff McKagan – “Translucent”

WE TAKE A BREAK from our current run of Butch Walker songs to highlight a great song I recently rediscovered, “Translucent” by Duff McKagan’s Loaded.

I LOVE THIS SONG! It’s an instant mood-enhancer..rocking and melodic…just listen to that chorus, that’s called a  ‘hook’, kids!

From Duff McKagan’s Loaded album.

Right from the start the melody hits you, in the first verse, with a gritty guitar riff churning underneath:

“Yeah I see right through/everything you want me to/believe is true”

Then the rest of the band falls in for the second verse. Wasting no time, or notes, that melodic chorus comes in right away. LISTEN to that chorus, and the harmonies, and just try not to sing along:

“Don’t stop singing/but what is wrong I’m thinking/you ain’t that strong to take the truth/I ain’t dumb I know its you”

After the bridge, the chorus comes back in, this time with just the drums for a bit. Quick, efficient, melodic, memorable. All the things I love in a song, in less than four minutes.


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