O.K., One More BUTCH WALKER Song…or Two…

LAST NIGHT’S BUTCH WALKER SHOW was mesmerizing, fantastic, an over-the-top rock n’ roll revival that closed out in a big way what at times was a tough day. NEVER underestimate the sheer healing power of a killer rock show. And Walker BRINGS IT, every night. Three years ago or so I vowed I’d never miss his show when he comes to town. If I’m going overboard without a life-raft over how great him and his band are live, too fucking bad. Those who know, know. If you don’t know, go see him in concert as soon as you can.

“Ponce DeLeon Avenue” made me nearly lose my shit:

And “Summer of ’89” never fails to blow the place up (preceded by the slow, acapella intro of “Summer ’69”):

 It was a hell of a night for fun, great, rock n’ roll.

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