Putting The Brakes On

SOMETIMES ITS HARD to put the brakes on, to pull up out of that free-fall, that spiral of thoughts, dozens at a time, that fill my head.

They come from out of nowhere it seems – a thought, or two, then eight or ten more. A reminder of something, someone, and then…

There’s too much input, too often. I need to slow things down, often. When I can do that, it makes a big difference. Focusing on a slower pace, seeing things ahead, or, just stopping for a minute. Even then, though, it’s hard to turn it off.

I’m constantly trying to learn more about mindfulness and apply it. I searched for “mindfulness meditation” at You Tube and got 446,000+ results. I’m exhausted and exhausting, at times. I think I’ve made progress, I get good distractions, then I get distracted from those distractions.

It’s baby steps, the progress. My focus has improved, but the propensity to get distracted seems the same.


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