Bonmots & Bullshit, 8/26

When you vow that you won’t get your hopes up about something, you will – just a little bit. That’s called “what if?” It’s natural, no matter how pessimistic you might be.

BLACK SABBATH are supposed to retire at the end of this year and their current tour. So it’s perfect timing for the October publication of a big, illustrated history of their entire career. Every era is covered in-depth – Ozzy, Dio, and the “lost” 80’s. Details are here.

So many times, it’s about the dialectical. Only I never knew it.

After 50 years, the most iconic passenger jet of all will be ending production. Goodbye, 747.

I should be old enough to know better. It’s remembering the better, in the midst of the noise, that’s the hard part

Favorite songs this week include Brice Springsteen’s “Roll of the Dice” and “Last Parade” by the Matthew Good Band. The former is an automatic mood-enhancer; the latter’s lyrics hit home.

Saw Jason Bourne earlier in the week. Mostly and of course, predictable, along with action-packed. This is the fourth installment with Matthew Damon, and there’s nowhere else the movies’ continuing story can go. He knows who he is now, he’s on the run, he knows what happened and what he did, and now knows how it started and that his dad was involved. That’s it. Or it should be.

Does anyone still need any proof that this guy is completely, utterly full of shit?

In April, at the worst, I vowed to make this summer fantastic, whether I was single or not. I’ve succeeded.

I’m a capitalist but there’s no way the outrageous price increase to the life-saving EpiPen can be justified. It’s about greed, pure and simple. That the CEO’s salary increased 671% increase since her company took over EpiPen is also telling. Looks like there will be Congressional hearings, which should be interesting given the CEO is the daughter of a U.S. senator. Being outraged isn’t being or anti-capitalism, it’s about empathy and common sense.

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