The End of the Boeing 747

If you’re an airplane buff, this is a big deal: the most iconic jetliner of them all, the first true wide-body passenger jet, the Boeimg 747, will finally end production in 2018 – 50 years after it was first introduced.

Growing up, and as an adult, the 747 always fascinated me. For me, there  was no more iconic or impressive jet than the 747. With its distinctive hump upper deck and it’s sheer size its easily the most recognizable airplane in the world. There’s a reason why it was dubbed “jumbo jet – it’s massive: most variants are overy 200 feet long, over 63′ high at the tail and it can weigh over 730,000 pounds, loaded, at takeoff. Whenever I fly, I’m always looking for 747s at the airport.

Alas, even the greatest passenger jet can be eclipsed by modern times and technology and thats why production of the 747 will finally end in 2018. More details are here.


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