COOL SONG – Matthew Good: “Last Parade”

“LAST PARADE” by Matthew Good has been a long-time favorite – so has Matthew Good, actually. Spend some time to discover this Canadian artist who’s Matthew Good Band were big alternative rock stars in the 90’s in the Great White North. I’ve always loved this song…it just builds and builds, with that insurgent keyboard figure pulsing away in the verses, with a chorus that sneaks up on you.
Like so many of my favorite songs, I’ll hardly pay attention to the lyrics, just bits and pieces that standout to sing along to – and then, on the 40th listen, BAM!  The words hit home:
It feels like time to let it go
It feels like time to break or show
It feels like time to cut your brakes
Shut your mouth, do something, anything
It feels like time to fuck or leave
It feels like I’d choke you just to breathe
It feels like time aint time at all
Just black out, wake up foreign, wander home
I wander home
Take me out
Lay me down
Let the dirt
Fall all around me baby aint it
Good to be back home
Theyre burning futures in the mountains
Only look (?) and you can counts yours baby
Ain’t it good to be back home

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