Steven Tyler Goes Country

I DIDN’T EXPECT TO LIKE THIS. Hell, I didn’t even know his new album was finally out. I’m talking about Steven Tyler – yes, the lead singer of Aerosmith – and his “gone country” album, We’re All Somebody From Somewhere. 

“My Own Worst Enemy” – I actually found out about this track via a post from the Lefsetz Letter blog a few days ago. I’d forgot Tyler’s record was coming out – wait, it is actually out? I could easily slag off Tyler’s try at country – but there’s a lot a like about country music, and I applaud any veteran artist who wants to stretch his creative wings a bit.

And you know what? It’s pretty damn good. It doesn’t have that country-pop sheen and shine that most songs coming out of Nashville have – that are as much rock as country, really. You could easily not describe this as country – maybe even say its got an Americana bent to it, I suppose. It’s mellow, dark and a bit sad…and when the drums kick in and the guitar solo starts to slice through your speakers you can easily hear this on an Aerosmith album. It’s moody, dark, foreboding…and really good. A far cry from what I initially expected. I’m looking forward to hearing the whole album.


Also really good and on Tyler’s album – and also dark and moody – is the new version of “Janie’s Got A Gun” featuring Robert and Dean DeLeo of Stone Temple Pilots. I dig it.


The new album is on Big Machine Records – who also put out the awesome new Cheap Trick album, Bang, Zoom, Crazy, Hello back on April 1. Funny CT lead singer Robin Zander did once put out a country album – Countryside Boulevard – a few years back – which was strangely pulled not long after it’s release (it wasn’t on Big Machine Records, though).

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