Bullshit & Bonmots: August 12

WHEN THIS POSTS I’ll be running the Ragnar Relay. At the time I’m writing this I haven’t actually met the folks I’ll be running with but by the time the race ends I know I’ll want to run with them all next year. That’s what happens when you spend nearly 24 hours in a van running a 196-mile relay race – camaraderie!

LIFE CAN GO from the ridiculous to the sublime in a minute for me.

A NEW PODCAST THAT I AM HOOKED ON is Malcolm Gladwell’s Revisionist History. It looks back and reinterprets a past event, a person or an idea, something that’s been overlooked or deserves a second chance. Worthwhile listening.

THE ONLY WAY you can get close to having “closure” (whatever the fuck that really is) is to just accept that you’re probably never going to get it.

EVERY DAY I get at least one automated telephone sales pitch. Tuesday I got a call from 914-610-4721 that said they were the Internal Revenue Service and that they were going to sue me. When I called the number someone actually answered “Internal Revenue Service/Debt Collections.” The IRS does NOT do business that way, by the way. Most days, I get an automated call saying that it’s an “important message about your credit card” or something along those lines. I can’t believe this way of soliciting business still works enough that automated telephone sales pitches are still a thing.

LIKE BOOKS ABOUT MUSIC, MUSICIANS and the like? Then check out AllMusicBooks.com where the newest books are reviewed and discussed.

I’M STILL PLANNING on getting the Weapon of Self-Distraction podcast going. I did one episode but it…sucked royally. It will improve and it will happen

CHEAP TRICK ON LIVE FROM DARYL’S HOUSE several weeks back was amazing. Especially this version of  “Taxman” from their debut album:

AND BUTCH WALKER was also on Live From Daryl’s house back in 2012 and I’ve only just found this version of one of my favorite Hall & Oate’s songs, “Say It Isn’t So.”  Walker is one of my favorite artists – any and all of his seven albums are fantastic, and his new album comes out the end of this month.




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