Bonmots & Bullshit: Friday, August 5

SOME SAY that you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone.  But you do find out other things.

TIMING IS EVERYTHING, be it financially, romantically, emotionally, professionally…

THE GOAL SHOULD BE SIMPLE: make more choices and decisions that won’t make your life more difficult.  Even when the right choice is in front of you and all the evidence and data is there, it’s still not easy to do.

MORE THINGS I FORGOT: that’s it’s nice when someone is nice to you. And affectionate. They are both inter-related.

THERE’S A NEW BOOK about Fleetwood Mac coming out next month.  You can enter to win a copy at the Celebrity Cafe.  The book is a huge illustrated history of the legendary band, covering their nearly 50 year career, from Blues purists in the 60’s to a hit-making pop/rock band that just toured the U.S. last year.

THE BEST CLICKBAIT EVER, is this guy. Only thing you can give him any credit for is that he knows how to get in, and stay in, the news. The one thing I won’t cover here is politics, but it’s hard to ignore the #orangehairedasshat and his marketing 

IF YOU TEXT A LOT (and who doesn’t) and want some security in doing so, try the awesome Telegram app. I use it and it’s got some great features. On a side note, the last three months I found out again how great it is to talk on the phone, and to receive phone calls from your significant other.

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