Friday’s Bonmots & Bullshit, 7/22

“AN UNEXAMINED LIFE IS NOT WORTH LIVING” –  Socrates. Examining that life, however, can be an expensive pain in the ass.

IN THE BEGINNING everyone is on their best behavior.

WHEN A POLITICIAN begins an answer to a question with, “the facts of the matter are…” you can bet there won’t be any facts coming next.

THERE’S TWO TYPES OF PEOPLE in the world: people who do get it, and people who just don’t get it.

JUST BECAUSE you don’t get an answer to a question you’ve asked doesn’t mean there isn’t an answer.

HYPOCRISY is often the biggest creator of irony. And there’s no stature of limitations on hypocrisy, either.

“THE POT CALLING THE KETTLE BLACK” seems to happen a lot. I happen to like “kettle, the pot is calling again, line 1.”

I NEVER HAD A SINGLE F**K TO GIVE about Kim, Kanye, or Taylor, either individually or about their “fued.” Though I am a bit surprised that the offending lyric in the song was discovered via Tidal.

COOL PODCAST: Kid Friday, where my son and I were recent guests:


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