Friday Bonmots & Bullshit: 7/15

IRONY is the often unintentionally funny byproduct of hindsight that comes from a slew of wrong choices.

WHAT IS ‘POWER POP’? Here’s a perfect example: “5th of July” by Watershed. Ringing, major chords? Check. Lyrics you can instantly relate to? Got it. Big harmonies and a hook that sticks in your head? Nails it. Watershed will be the subject of it’s own post soon. They are beyond amazing and

I FORGOT HOW GOOD IT FEELS to have a phone conversation with your significant other. To have your phone call answered, or a voice mail returned. And how good it feels when she calls you, just because she’s thinking about you.

IN MY PERSONAL LIFE, I’ve sometimes made the wrong choice or decision, even when the right path was/is obvious. . A recent episode of This American Life, Choosing Wrongexplores why we make the wrong choices and decisions, despite knowing what the outcome will be, despite knowing what the right choice is.

CURRENTLY READING an amazing book, the buddha & the borderline: a memoir by Kiera Van Gelder. Subtitled “my recovery from borderline personality disorder through dialectical behavior therapy, buddhism & online dating,” it’s eye-opening, harrowing and fascinating so far.

A COOL PODCAST TO CHECK OUT, especially if you have kids and they’re into tech, is Kid Friday. Available where ever you procure your podcasts.

I LOVE HBO and I’ve gone overboard about Veep and the new Vice-Principals series on more than one occasion. Their on-demand choices are terrific, too. I think I’m close to going back and watching every season of The Wire again.


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