Friday Bonmots and Bullshit

Workout in gyms/health clubs for 2+ decades and you’ll see some weird, wackadoodle shit.


It really IS all about having things to look forward to. Yes, that was said last week, but I realized I’ve really tried to live that way the last few years, especially the last three months. When I don’t don’t look forward to things and find the positives, that’s when stress and pessimism take over my thoughts. Whether it’s a big vacation, or buying a house; or just going to a movie or even something as small as a car ride to see someone, I try and find the enjoyment in each thing. Work might be stressing me out, but I’ll look forward to the Tony Kornheiser podcast and seeing some favorite co-workers. A major home project might be looming as is the debt to pay for it, but I’ll think about how great it will be to have it done, or that the stress of not having it done or deciding to will be gone. Looking forward to things is huge for me. Often times i need help to do that and I run the risk of thinking about the past too much. Which usually brings on a lot of regret and sadness.


Most of the time, my life is a regular battle to either start doing something or to stop. At this point, finally, the former is over-taking the latter.


The biggest empathy generator is sometimes a really difficult time or experience.


Doing all the right things now, having everything be effortless and perfect can also mean a lot of guilt and sadness about why I couldn’t get things right in the past. That can obscure the facts that circumstances outside your control – people, expectations, needs, money, logistics, situations – had a huge impact on why things didn’t work, why failures occurred. I’m so conditioned to beating the shit out of myself as well as being reminded of failing that I often can’t see anything else but that.


Sometimes I’m amazed at how smart and perceptive my son can be. Sometimes the opposite is what amazed me.


The adage “desperate times for desperate measures” is often true, thought the measures usually don’t seem desperate at the time.


Sticking with this is working. There’s a lot more to it than just a list, but it’s been a huge help the last three months. Desperate times often call for smart measures.


A quote worth repeating: “Sometimes I’m panicked by the beauty of life. It’s overwhelming how much cool stuff there is and all the great human interactions there are and you get intoxicated by it.” – Hal Sparks

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