Song Spotlight: Big Star: “My Life Is Right”

MOST OF THE TIME, when I really pay attention to a song’s lyrics, I’ll only think of how their meaning is relative to my life, current events, etc.

Every now and then I’ll realize that the story the lyrics are telling fit perfectly for someone else besides me. And on rare occasions a song is apropos to me and someone else simultaneously. That’s what I realized when “My Life Is Right” by Big Star came on my mp3 player this morning.

“My Life Is Right” is written by Chris Bell and appeared on Big Star’s debut album, #1 Record and is one of my favorite songs by the band. I love the chiming guitars and the drumming; the production still sounds current today.

Bell also sings lead and his melodic and soulful voice really soars. In the verses, Bell’s vocals are longing, as are the lyrics: “Once I walked a lonely road/I had no one to share my love/But then you came and showed the way/And now I hope you’re here to stay.” From that the song turns upbeat and positive: ” You give me light/You are my day/You give me life/And that’s right/So right.”

I love this song, and after hearing it dozens of times, the lyrics totally clicked. The lyrics are pretty simple, right? Most people probably can fit the lyrics into their personal narratives. At first, the verses reminded me of different times in my life, different relationships. Then I realized the song is also about my current relationship, both of us, that what we’ve got is light and, finally, so right.

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