Cover Classics: “I Want You To Want Me”

It can be easy to not like cover versions of your favorite songs, but I usually do enjoy them,  especially when a song is practically reinvented.

Cheap Trick’s classic “I Want You To Want Me” has been covered many times,  and some versions are really good. It’s interesting to note that the version everyone knows and loves is essentially the band covering itself; it first appeared on their In Color album as a jaunty, 1940’s sounding ragtime tune, wirh piano and a clarinet solo. Prior to that they did a fast Who-inspired, double-time shuffle.

“I Want You To Want Me” is the rare song that still shines no matter the arrangement or style. Here’s three great examples:

Gary Jules does a truly beautiful version, which I only recently discovered. Hauntingly romantic.


Dwight Yoakam’s country version is just pure fun.

The Holmes Brothers’ version will make you spritual. Their gospel take is simply beautiful, their harmonies gorgeous.

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