Standup With Pete Dominic on Sirius/XM

Possibly the best talk radio, sans sports is on Sirius/XM, specifically Stand Up With Pete Dominic. Dominic is a smart standup comedian with an engaging style and is a very good interviewer. The show covers politics, economics, cultural issues and more, but he isn’t some crazy, beat-you-over-the-head-with-his-opin on type of host. Actually when folks who disagree call in he’s can be funny and disarming at the same time.

It’s interesting to note that the best and most insightful cultural and political commentary continues to come from standup comedians. The trend started with Jon Stewart, and continues today with folks like John Fugelsang, Samanntha Bee, John Oliver, Larry Willmore, and Greg Proops to name a few.

Full disclosure: I was a fan of the show long before last week when I got on the air two days in a row, with Pete exclaiming. “”Very smart, Steve In Minneapolis…I love this guy! You have to call in more often.”

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