Mother’s Day

With the exception of the last five years I’m not a fan of Mother’s Day. I lost my mom under very tragic circumstances and Mother’s Day reminds me too much of that, even nearly eleven years later.

The previous five years, however, I did enjoy Mother’s Day, a bit. That’s because the recent ex is an incredible mom. I loved watching her with her kids, even when things weren’t going smoothly. She always handled everything with grace, calmness and humor – sarcasm, especially, can work wonders!

Like any parent she would occasionally have self-doubts about her parenting, if she was doing things right, if she was a good mom. I never thought she should ever worry; she really helped me become a better parent. I would often ask her opinion on things concerning my son and co-parenting, especially. Most of the time just by observing her with her kids I would pick up on a different way of doing something.

It was on Mother’s Day itself, however, where she really helped me. She always made what was a very melancholy day for me a lot better.


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