Summertime, And The Living Is Busy (And Fun)

If you’re a regular reader you know I’ve got a lot of time to keep busy, and I REALLY need to keep busy. So, like usual, I need a “to-do list”, starting with:

  • Looking for, and moving into, a new house. I don’t know where just yet; I had a targeted area but that was crushed in March. Starting to look as soon as I list the house. It’s going to be exciting, and despite not wanting to do it alone, I’m going to enjoy the experience. Hopefully I’ll be able to afford something I really like.
  • The above is predicated on getting the house ready to sell and that can’t continue into the summer! It should be ready to list in about another week (provided the $400 electrician job happens tomorrow). This should be a separate post of it’s own. It’s an epic tale, and the stress of getting the house ready to sell was a big factor in that epic breakup happening. Between time, cash flow, winter and the city, this was a bit delayed (rumor had it I was “dragging my feet.” Right). Cash flow has been an issue, and since moving back into the house I’ve spent over $11,000 – of which $8,900 is on a credit card that comes due ten months from now
  • Traveling:  I’ve got a huge trip in July with my son to Maine and New Hampshire. Spending time with my favorite people in my favorite places.

  • Take improv classes. I took a class years ago with a popular improve outfit here, Stevie Ray’s. It was a lot of fun. Depending on the schedule and the cost, I’d like to do it again.
  • Bike more: would love to get a couple really long-distance rides in. The Twin Cities – hell, all of Minnesota, really, has some great bike trails. This is another thing I wanted to do this summer with the ex-fiancee.
  • Running: Barring any mishaps, I’ve got two big races coming up. The Ragnar Relay in August, a 200-mile team relay race which I’ve run twice before and its a blast.  Then there’s the Twin Cities Marathon at the end of September. I haven’t run the marathon since 2010. I’m 48, but thanks to the “Break-Up Diet”(and working out more), I’ve lost nearly 14 lbs, my hip problem is very quickly becoming a thing of the past and I’m running pretty fast (for me). Training will really kick into gear in June
  • August 9th I will be trying something I’ve always wanted to do for years. Not prepared to discuss it yet but suffice to say, it will be a interesting (and a first for me) unless I chicken out.

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