Thankful and Fortunate

It didn’t take much – something small and work related, really – to remind me that I have a very fortunate life and have a lot to be thankful for.

Admitedly, being thankful hasn’t always been easy. Friends, family, and professionals have remarked that I can be too self-deprecating and prone to drama. I used to half-joke that my tombstone should read “It’s always something.”¬†¬†There always is, it seems, and always will be, “something.” Hell, that’s life, right? But it shouldn’t be your mantra.

Today, though, I was reminded that I do indeed have a lot to be grateful for, and I am very fortunate. I have a lot of good things in my life and it can only get better. I’ve got a wonderful son, who does great in school and is a good kid. I’m healthy – in the best shape of life, actually. I have a good job that I enjoy and it pays well. I’ve got a 401K, IRA and good benefits. I’ve got a nice house and I’m fortunate that I have the means to try and sell it and buy something nicer. I’m not rich, but I’m not struggling much. I’ve got great friends and a great family.

With the breakup, it might look like everything is negative. I’m looking at it differently – I know that I can fall in love, which is something I doubted before. I know that I can be great, have a successful love life, and what’s happened in the past won’t happen again. There’s more to be positive than to be negative about, despite what happened. To remain grateful you can’t live in the past, either.

A year or so ago someone gave me some good advice: every night before going to sleep write down three positive things that happened during the day. Those three things were things to be thankful for, to be sure. It’s a smart thing to do as it’s always good to have a reminder of why life is really good.

Life is good…it’s only going to get better if I remember how good it is, and how good I have it.

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